Halloween Study


Sorry this is a late post, but I thought I would share a site I came across. It has an array of bible studies for the whole family. I saw this 4 page study for kids regarding Halloween. I thought it was well written and would like to share it with you. Attached is the link for the study. God Bless You and I pray that whatever you do on October 31st it honors and glorifies God. Previous Halloween Post. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your … [Read more...]

2013-2014 Curriculum


For this year, we are doing something TOTALLY different. We have decided to try this program out this year...through a Charter School here in Hawaii called Myron B. Thompson Academy. The perks are you get an allotment of $1,500 per student on Curriculum you can purchase. Most non-consumable items will have to be returned at the end of the year though. You also get a use of an IPad for virtually nothing. The boys go into the school twice a month for a class that I choose for them. They get a … [Read more...]

Easter Wreath Craft

PhotoGrid_1364412746280 (2)

I saw this post by We Little Miracles and though it was a great idea and something we haven't done before. It isn't a craft or project that takes a lot of time to do. Oh, and just an idea, while the boys were coloring the pictures to put on the wreath, I had them watch/listen to this video about the meaning of Easter....multitasking! Later we watched the Easter Party on Club JellyTelly. JellyTelly is a great resource...and it's $5.00 a month. So first they colored all the eggs and images... … [Read more...]

Native American Pocket Book

Native A. Collage

Instead of doing a lapbook, we decided to try a pocketbook. These are actually called History Pockets. We were studying Native Americans and a few of their tribes. We did a pocket on the Inuit, Tlingit, Nez Perce, Maidu, Sioux, Navajo, Iroquois and Seminole. All of the boys crafts or worksheets went into their pocket and when they were completed, we put them into a book. It was a fun study, especially since my boys like doing hands on activities along with what they are learning. I bought the … [Read more...]

What….February is almost over!?!?


Wow, I can't believe it is almost March. I am a bit disappointed in myself for not keeping updated on this site so much this past school season. But, I will be blogging more often during the next school year. I will start to compile a few things the kids have done this year to post. I need to take some pictures of their lapbooks and pocketbooks that we have completed. The boys have enjoyed school this year. It was definitely my most relaxed almost unschooled year to date. That I am not sure I … [Read more...]